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Where Is Mount Everest Located?

Everybody knows about Everest the highest mountain in the world. Some people dream to conquer it only once in a lifetime. If you are among those seekers and want to know many things about Mt. Everest than you are in the right place. It has an elevation of 8848 m. from the sea level making it the tallest peak not only of Nepal but the world.

Before knowing about Everest you should know about the country Nepal.


A small and beautiful country brimful of nature essence is a South Asian country. It lies between the two big countries China and India. Its area is 1,87,181 km square quite small compare between those two massive countries. It is a democratic country and Kathmandu is the headquarters of this beautiful small country. It is a landlocked country. It is surrounded by the high Himalayas and reaches in vast Floras and Faunas.

This is the basic outline of Nepal. Well, let’s continue as you know about the country and are more curious about the Everest.

Mount Everest Location

Well, Everest is famous all over the world and lies in the country Nepal (a south Asian country). It falls in the Eastern part of Nepal named Solukhumbu district in the Khumbu Region.

Mount Everest is located in the Mahalangur Himalaya Range of Asia. It has an elevation of Nepal and China. The border of China and Nepal runs on its summit point. So, Everest is half on both sides.

This highest peak is surrounded by many other peaks like Lhotse (8,516 meters), Nuptse (7,855 meters), and Changtobse (7,580 meters). The geographical location of Everest is 27 ° 59 ‘north latitude, 86 ° 55’ east longitude and about 160.51 km (99.74 miles) from Kathmandu (the capital of Nepal).

Different names of Mount Everest

Before giving this mountain name as Everest, it has so many names back then. People of Nepal call it Sagarmatha they still do, it means Sagar (sky) and Matha (forehead) because of a high peak. People from Tibet named it as a Chomolungma means holy mother in their languages.

It has several common and local names but it was named Mount Everest in 1960 in the honored of Sir George Everest (the first person to climb Mount Everest along with Tenzing Norgay- a Nepalese mate at that time). Before officially naming this peak people used to say the third poll too.

Planning to Visit Everest Region?

If you are planning to visit Nepal and Everest Region there are so many trek options available. You can view their Itinerary and choose like Everest Base Camp Trek or can pick Gokyo Lake Trek to captive all those beautiful moments of your lifetime. Island Peak Climbing and Mera Peak Climbing are the popular packages of Everest Thrill.

The best season to visit Everest region is on pre-monsoon (March, April, and May) and on post-monsoon (October, November, and December). At this time you will get a chance to see beautiful Namche Bazar, high Peak mountains, Sherpa culture, and local Lifestyle along with Sagarmatha National Park.

It is cheap from the Northern side to visit Everest than on the Tibet side.  And one more thing Helicopter is not allowed in the Tibet area if you want to take mountain Flights. If you are an adventure seeker better to go Lukla Airport.

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