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tenzing hillary airport

Tenzing Hillary Airport is also known as Lukla Airport situated in Khumbu Region of Solukhumbu district. It falls under the Province No.1 of Eastern Nepal. It is a small airport in a Lukla city. It is situated on high altitude(2860) from sea-level and considered as most dangerous Airport in the world.

This was named Tenzing Hillary Airport in 2008. It is a small but busy airport of all time. It is a gateway to the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest (8848 m.). As travel and Trekking gradually increase, this small airport is just the entrance to the Khumbu region or simply to the Everest Treks destination for any airways. You can take a drive to the nearest neighbor states too but it will be too long.

It is a 40-minute flight from Kathmandu, Nepal, to the town of Lukla. It seems a simple trip until you consider that it is 40 minutes of dodging mountains, white knuckles, flying in a small plane to reach what is called the most dangerous airport in the world.

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The only Lukla airstrip, paved in 2001 despite having been built by Kiwi mountaineer Sir Edmund Hillary in the 1960s, is 1,729 feet long. In contrast, the famous and short and delightful beachside runway at St. Barth‘s in the Caribbean is 2,133 feet long and the shortest trail in New York-JFK is 8,400 feet. To complicate things further, Lukla’s elevation is almost 9,500 feet putting it the most dangerous Airport of the worlds from the past 20 years.

Strong winds, low clouds and sudden changes in visibility are some of the reasons behind this title. Bad weather is also a very important factor in the frequent cancellation of flights.

Why Tenzing Hillary Airport is among in the list of most dangerous Airport?

  • The track has a very short length of 1,500 feet and ends with a steep drop in the river valley and located at a height of 2,860 meters (9,000 feet).
  • This airport geographic is surrounded by high Himalaya in all sides so only export pilots are allowed.
  • The pilot must also clear a high ridge, turn left, descend abruptly and straighten the plane to land because of the high hill right behind the landing strip.
  • Navigation is only possible by sight so due to a high hill, foggy layers of clouds must terminate flights or delay the flights.
  • The track itself is set at a 12 percent incline, which means that pilots have to be more skilled than anyone else in the world.
  • The landing is made in the ascending slope, to help reduce the speed, while the takeoffs are made downhill, to help increase the speed needed during taking off.
  • This airport is fitted for the thrill-seeking Trekkers.
  • Due to many negativity and challenges made this Airport to be listed on the most Dangerous Lists. But if we look in the positive way this Airport surely made your Trip catchy.

If you get Scared after the first Flights over the Hillary Airport then you have an alternative choice to return back. It may be a little longer route but being stuck on the same place is the worst if you have a bucket full of opportunity.

From Lukla, the nearest bus stations are in Phaplu and Salleri, which are a couple of days walk from the city of Lukla. Buses and jeeps depart several times a day from small towns back to Kathmandu. The other route is to take the seven-day walk to Shivalaya, or add an additional half-day and continue to Jiri, although there is a small point since the Shivalaya bus passes through Jiri and the road follows the old trekking route. – and then take the express bus back to Kathmandu.

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