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Special Things to Buy When You Visit Nepal

Are you a Traveler? Are you planning to visit Nepal? Are you in Nepal? Want to do some souvenirs shopping? Are there any special Things to buy in Nepal that represent Nepal overall?

Getting puzzled from all these questions, sick of trying to recall what to get out of the best then you are at the right place. We are here to solve all those buzzes over your head.

Nepal has always been famous for handmade products. In addition, the country is best known for art and architecture. Metal objects, clothing, tea, sculptures, paper materials, dolls, trekking equipment, jewelry, etc. are what many of the tourists that come to Nepal want to buy. It is hard to separate from loving Nepal so you want some souvenirs to add essence on those beautiful memories of yours.

Well, we have a solution to banish your confusion. Here is the list that you can get from Nepal especially on Nepali styles hehe.

After completion of your tour or treks in Nepal like Everest base camp trekIsland peak climbingGokyo Valley trekThree Passes TrekCho la Pass trekEverest view trekEverest helicopter tourAma Dablam Expedition, you can buy some Special things with Us. 

Some of the Special Things to buy Nepal


This is the national weapon of Nepal. It has carved its own history back in the era used by great Gorkhali soldiers. It is a long, curved blade with a unique cutting edge. It can be one of the best memories for you, especially for collectors. The Khukuris made in Nepal are of high quality. The traditional Nepalese khukuri consists of two small holding blades: one for sharpening the main blade and another as a razor. The good place to buy this is Thamel.

Thangkas Paintings

The Thankas paintings in Nepal began around the 14th century. It is the origin of the Buddhist art of painting. It is painted on cotton or silk with embroidery, usually showing the Buddhist god or Mandala, or famous scene. It is very different from regular oil or acrylic paints. It is a piece of the image that is painted on the cloth that is attached and then on which the silk is used as a cover.

With an overwhelming Hindu and Buddhist population, a part of Nepal’s best gifts has importance and religious importance, which reflects the confidence and culture of the general population. Thamel’s, Bouddha, Swayambhu are the best places to buy it.

Singing Bowls:

Singing Bowl can be one of the nicest things in the nation. These metal plates produce an attenuating sound when the edge is rubbed in a rotating motion with a small wooden stick. In addition to the sound of relief, it is said that the vibration produced by the bowl is incredible to feel the reflection and has qualities that are patched.

These are made of metal and when rubbed in a circular motion by a small wooden stick produces a low/high tone sound. That’s why it’s called singing bowls. Bouddha, Bhaktapur, Basantpur are the best places to shop it

Nepali Topi

If you love to try something new, you can go for the traditional Nepalese Daurasuruwal with a Dhaka Topi. Dhaka topi is a type of hat made of cloth. It represents the Nepalese tradition and cultures. Similarly, you can opt for the Bhadgauletopi made in Bhaktapur with the Khukuri cross sign that gives you the most pleasing appearance. They are used especially in festivals like Dashain, Tihar and can be given as a gift to friends. Therefore, you can try Nepali Topi. You can buy it in Bhaktapur, Basantpur or Thamel.


It is one of the famous traditional cheeses made especially in the Himalayan region of Nepal. This is one of the famous foods, which is one of the best and most likely items of youth and you prefer it more. This is a hard substance that is easier for young people and young people only. The young man is chewing it like fashion and also as a soda because it is made of milk. It is pure health that does not contain any chemical in the ingredients during its manufacture. It occurs mainly in the Himalayan regions.

So as you are in the Himalayan country this will be the best choice.

So this is the few but best things you can have as a souvenir but if you need more you can have traditional Nepalese Clothing, buying Pashmina of Nepal, Nepalese Handicrafts, incense, tea, spices and honey of Nepal, puppets of Nepal and many more.

I hope this will helps you and keep shopping and loving Nepal. NAMASTE!

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