The Founder

Amir AdhiKari

Founder, Team Leader  


Mr. Adhikari grew up within the remote mountain village of Phulkharka within the Dhading district of Nepal and was lucky enough to be able to attend Sagarmatha Multiple College for Science studies & Oscar International College for Film studies.

At a similar time, things modified once he accomplished that he had no larger passion than traveling and journey. “Even as a child, I truly enjoyed walking each day! I took pleasure from the superb views of terraced farms, waterfalls, and a heated smile of a walker and also the constant company of the mighty Himalayas”.

So, Mr. Adhikari believes in the property business, new thoughts, plan, and team of a travel specialist. He, himself, is an Everest Region specialist and aiming to organize a thrilling trip for his clients, he designed this Everest Thrill webpage to support each and every traveler whose future aim is to visit Nepal for treks, tours, climbs, and expeditions of Everest Region & he is surrounded by  so many highly professional adventure field forces who help traveller during entire trekking or expedition to fulfill their adventure dream.


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