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Island Peak Climbing Guide in Nepal

Island Peak (6189 m), also known as Imja Tse is a Trekking peak in Sagarmatha National Park, in the Everest region of Nepal. It is a great first Himalayan peak that includes a steep slope and a narrow ridge. In 1952, Eric Shipton’s party introduced the mountain as Island Peak. Later in 1983, it was renamed, Imja Tse. However, the tourists and the locals still address it as Island Peak.

The trial to Island Peak is filled with exquisite, multi-colored prayer flags and mani stones carved in detail in every hilltop, rock walls, and trail side. The climbing starts from the Upper Khumbu. The peak provides some of the most prominent scenery in Khumbu.

Island Peak is a favored mountaineering objective for climbers in Nepal. The peak is typically climbed in a round trip from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal. This takes about 20 days. From Chhukung, it takes 3-4 hours to reach the base camp of Island Peak.

For the beginners, island peak and Lobuche east are regarded as the best opportunity to take on two challenging glacier climbs. Those are above 20,000 feet.

Best time for Island Peak Climbing

Generally speaking, Island Peak can be climbed throughout the year except during the height of monsoon months. The best and most suitable time of the year to climb Island Peak is during spring (March-early June) and autumn (September- November). In spring, many trekkers head towards climbing Mt. Everest.

So, you can also meet many expedition teams heading towards Mt. Everest. During autumn in Nepal, the weather is usually clearer. Thus, it is the most popular time to attempt the peak. But it can sometimes get a bit crowded at this time.

How difficult is the Island Peak climbing in Nepal?

The climb to Island Peak is comparatively difficult physically due to its extreme altitude and steep slopes and head walls at the end of the climb. Therefore, you must understand the risks of getting at higher altitudes before setting off for Island Peak.

But with strong determination, you can get to the summit ridge as the climbing routes are safe because of the fixed lines. If you are able to use the mountaineering equipment such as crampons, harness, and ice axe and have trained yourself in climbing on using ropes and ladders, you can climb safe, comfortable and have an amazing experience.

The climbers should successfully complete minimum days training and be mentally prepared to deal with any kind of situation that may arise during the climb.

Therefore, you can train yourself beforehand, regarding the use the of equipment pieces and learn about the Alpine-style cross crevasses, and ladders to gain technical ability.

Island Peak climbing Cost

The costs of everything including food, accommodation, drinks increases as you go higher and higher along the trek. A guide will cost approximately USD 25 per day whereas Porters can be available at USD 22 per day. If you take both –way ticket from Kathmandu to Lukla by air, it will cost you USD 354.

It is comparatively less expensive to hire a local, Nepalese trekking company with local guides and porters. As a combined trip, it can cost USD 2156 with the Everest Base Camp Trek.

In the past for nearly 200 years, Himalayan peaks have drawn adventurers, trekkers, and climbers from around the world. With the hospitable and friendly culture of the local Sherpas, Mountain climbing has established its class and image in itself. Many people find high-altitude climbing and trekking difficult but with the advancement in equipment and trained, skilled guides and porters, mountain climbing in Nepal has been providing the best services for quite a long time.

This has increased the flow of mountain climbers from around the world in Nepal, and Island Climbing has also now become a subject of interest to the passionate climbers.

Island Peak Climbing with Everest Base Camp Trek,  Island Peak Climbing from ChhukungAma Dablam Expedition, Lobuche Peak Climbing, Mera Peak Climbing are the mostly picked climbing packages offered by Everest Thrill in Nepal.

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