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COVID-19 and Tourism industry in Nepal? Why your next travel with us ???


Due to enhanced globalization, the ripple effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has echoed through every curve of the globe, resulting to the loss of lives and jobs, as well as the drop in general budgetary activities. The domino impact of the virus has caused incalculable pain and misfortunes to many individuals and organizations from all edges of the world.

Bloomberg has predicted that this pandemic could fetch the world $2.7 trillion, equal to the UK economy. Still, the influence has not been uniform across all industries. For instance, Information Communications Technology (ICT) and its associated industries have not felt the pressure as much as other industries.

COVID-19 pandemic has caused an extensive disturbance in socioeconomic activities including the tourism sector. Several countries in the world including Nepal had imposed travel restriction and lock-down to combat COVID-19. The study results revealed that the tourist flow was progressing regularly until recently. In the previous year (2019), the tourists’ number was extending from January till March, while in the current year, announced as Visit Nepal 2020, the number abruptly dwindled since March though it was reasonably good at the beginning of the year 2020.

Now the lock-down is over and the situation is getting better politically as the extensive curfew is coming to an end. Still, some precautions are taken very seriously to balance the past case and event scenarios. Though going back to normal life is not possible at this time, many industries not only in Nepal but throughout the world are working for it. Although restaurants and hotels are now authorized to open, some businesses, such as cinemas, salons, and spas are still closed because of their crowdedness. Trekking and mountaineering are also permitted, according to the announcement.



With the leap of hope that the country is permitting hotels and restaurants as well as long-distance travel in days to some days to come, we’re ready to embrace the new challenges to avoid risks in the health of guests who trust us. So we’ve ultimately come up with the safety protocols to make your sightseeing, trekking, and other adventurous sports in Nepal remain to be thrilling.

The things that set us apart from other touring companies are:

  • We believe that by offering our guests the trip and activities tailored to what they personally desire and love to do will stimulate them to get fully indulged in all the activities and consequently enjoy and be fully satisfied of their whole trip; and
  • We believe that by organizing a diversified and unique trip for the guests, be it from adventurous travel/activities like bungee jumping and rafting, to the peaceful exploration and convening with nature activities like day hikes to jungle trails, cultural heritage sightseeing, mountain trekking, , will give them the level of satisfaction which is beyond their expectation.


By following the safety protocols endorsed by our company, your experience in Nepal would not only be awesome but safe and exciting so that you can gush about your trip without getting infected. Each of our tour and trek packages are truly customized and tailored-fit for all ages, groups, families & solo travelers.We offer you complete choices and freedom to unleash your inner happiness without compromising your health and safety.

So here are some safety protocols that are issued by the tourism government as well as by our company to make your trip healthy and health risk free:

  • Airport Security.

You’ll be checked in once you area board. The flight attendant will give you disposable masks and gloves throughout the flight and deliver your food safe. Everything and every corner aboard will be disinfected. Seating arrangement will strictly follow the social distancing protocol. Your safety won’t be compromised on a flight arriving Kathmandu.

  • Instant Checking by Health organization after Landing.

Once you board off the plane, all passengers will be guided by the health officials to a hall where each one will be checked.Some tests will be performed to check whether a person is infected or not.  If the test result is unfortunately positive, you’ll be put under quarantine. If otherwise, you will be free and our agency will be there to meet you and transfer you to the standard hotel in Kathmandu.

  • Provision of providing gloves and masks from time to time by us.

Before your trip commences, you’ll be requested to thoroughly wash your hands and rinse with sanitizers, before you wear your gloves and masks,in accordance with our safety protocol. You’ll be provided a transparent face shield which is optional to wear but masks and gloves are mandatory. We’ll remind you constantly after 2-3 hours to rinse your hand with sanitizers and throw your gloves.

  • Social Distancing in public places like local shops and restaurants.

While we’re out on any trip, we often tend to eat outside. But don’t worry, we’ll take you to the best, standard and safe place where you can dine and enjoy. So while at restaurants and hotels, make sure you keep at least one-meter distance from strangers. Also while shopping for handicrafts and other things to cherish your memories in Nepal, in local shops, make sure you practice social distancing.

  • Outline to provide disinfectants in every destination. 

We’ll be providing hand sanitizers and alcohol wipes to eradicate germs so that you won’t catch this virus. The hand sanitizers will be provided by our guides. We request you to make use of it to help save the world and your home country if you go back.

  • Last checking before your departure to an International Airport.

You’ll lastly be checked by the health personnel before you board on the plane so that you won’t be infecting other people. If the test result is unfortunately positive you’ll have to stay back in quarantine until you are fully recovered. If not, then enjoy your flight back to your homeland and gush about your journey and trip to everyone.



Even though you’re diagnosed as Covid-19 positive, you won’t feel isolated and/or caged during your quarantine period. There are plenty of natural scenic resorts which will help your mind relaxed and think positively, and will eventually help you boost your immune system. According to the survey taken by WHO during the pre-Corona virus period, it was concluded that the surroundings and its beauty can wake the positive feeling in oneself which will increase the immune power to fight Corona virus.

The resort will be full of gleaming natural beauty and there are some spots where you can view the panoramic beauty of the mountains.  This can be a very good reason why being on quarantine can still be fun and not so depressing when you’re here in Nepal. The natural beauty will definitely work as the therapy to heal your system. The food won’t be awful and disgusting but instead, they are good and palatable meal, served with delicious desserts.

Wi-Fi connection will also be available so as not to bore your longer period of stay in the resort. The place where you’ll stay will be provided according to your budget.Should you prefer a more luxurious service, then we can help you shift to a five-star hotel accommodation where staff will offer you a more personalized service and will take good care of you like a family member. So being quarantined in Nepal won’t be that tough and full of happy and friendly interaction.And before you know it, you’re COVID free an-dare alive.



Even in the midst of pandemic, we work day and night to attract more travel enthusiasts.  We work hard to formulate and work on our safety protocols so that we can be entrusted by our valued clients. When you travel to Nepal, you will be checked twice -during your flight, and upon disembarkation. The isolation will be efficiently and strictly practiced during the flight as well as in the checking room. If you’re diagnosed positive of the COVID-19 virus, you’ll be transferred to A resort or a five-star hotel, according to your budget. We will be ensuring your safety and health in the center.



Our objective is very clear, that is, to establish good connections and relationship with our valued clients and assuring them that we have the capability to introduce and implement new and safest health policies. We also work on penetrating huge markets to attract more guests and treat them as our own family.

With our safety policy, we promise that you won’t be devoid of anything and your safety will always be considered our utmost priority. Our main slogan is to hear ZERO complaints from the consumers to whom we give service. By carrying the excellence for more than a decade, we’re very used to give our full service package and this year has made us more determined to launch new and most high-grade safety protocols so that you can have quality time in Nepal’s vicinity.

So choose us and expect the most reliable and best in us. So fancying our company won’t let you down because we strive to be in constant communication with our customers and we promote sustainable tourism,mainly centering on your glorifying health.

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